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Member Badge of the International Coaching Federation

As a woman coming out of a 20 year marriage and 20 year career I felt stuck and unsure how to move forward. Olivia created a safe space for me in such a calm and patient way that I felt supported to find the courage & was able to sit with uncomfortable emotions that were keeping me stuck in old patterns. Olivia helped me move forward towards a truer more authentic ME!


After my sessions with Olivia, I feel a greater sense of calm, authenticity, and connection to what I want. I’m much clearer on what my goals are now, and the direction I’m heading in. Since working with Olivia, I’ve found a way to be much gentler with myself – I’m better at problem-solving and working through things without self-judgement. Thanks to this much stronger connection with myself, I’m continuing to open up, and grow into connecting with others.


Sessions with Olivia have always helped me get to the heart of matters, which is so impactful. The way she reflects things back to me, with curiosity, insight, and care, has helped me see myself more clearly. With her guidance, I’ve been able to recognize my own strengths, and apply them from other areas of my life into my career. Her help in bringing out my own wisdom and truth has kept me moving forwards, not just on the linear path I think I should be walking, but on a path that actually feels right for me!


Working with Olivia has been the most beautiful gift. From the moment I began working with her, I felt calm, clarity and awareness towards my next steps. Along with her insightful questions and embodiment tools Olivia creates a beautiful space for her clients to realize the truths within them and formulate their unique action plans moving forward. I am so thankful to Olivia! I encourage you to give yourself this gift and discover the power within you, with Olivia’s guidance.


Olivia is an exceptional resource for anyone who desires deep reflection, compassion, and progress! I have benefited enormously from my time with Olivia. She has provided insight into both personal and professional issues that have been invaluable to me!


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